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When you send a child to camp, they will learn that it’s okay to grieve and build friendships with other children who understand.

Your support will:

  • Give children and teens a life-changing experience combining therapeutic activities with fun camp activities
  • Unite grieving children and teens in meaningful opportunities with peers who share their grief so they know they are not alone
  • Help create a safe place for grieving children and teens to express their emotions through art and play while learning healthy coping skills from our professionals.


Were able to identify positive coping skills after attending grief camps


Felt more comfortable talking about their loss


Connected with others with similar experiences


“Camp helped me express my feelings to others and help me find people who have experienced a similar loss.”

12 Year-Old Camper

Please consider sponsoring a camper this summer at any of our three annual camps — Camp Memory, Camp Cornerstone, or Camp Cornerstone Overnight. 

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