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Your Annual Fund gift makes a direct impact on those we serve.

Cornerstone of Hope offers a variety of programs to serve grieving individuals and families. The generosity of our Annual Fund donors allows us to offer our programs and services at no cost or at an affordable rate. No individual is ever denied services for their inability to pay. Your gift will help those we serve by supporting our core programs.

Grief Counseling
Our clinicians have facilitated over 6,800 counseling sessions for individuals, couples and families in 2023. 19% of our clients qualified for financial assistance, totaling over $193,800.

Support Groups
Our professionally-led support groups are offered at no cost at our center, in local schools, and in partnering community locations. The annual expense to operate our support groups exceeds $420,000.

Youth Summer Camps
Campers build lifelong friendships, gain an appreciation for the natural world, and learn critical coping skills in a safe and sacred space.  The annual cost of our summer camp program costs over $200,000


There was a 17% increase in the number of counseling sessions in 2023


55 support groups served over 520 participants in 2023


Over 190 youth ages 6 to 17 attended one of our three camps in 2023


“We were able to talk about survival. How to wake up every day facing a world without our child in it. Not knowing how we could make it through this. We all had these issues, and sharing them and supporting each other helped. Cornerstone’s support groups made this possible.”

- Nancy, Support Group Client -

Once a week, a diverse group of individuals gathered at Cornerstone of Hope in search of an answer for their pain. They came from different walks of life, each carrying their own burdens and sorrows. But what bound them together was a common thread of suffering and a shared need for hope.

As the weeks passed, the support group discovered the power of shared experiences. Among others in the group were Kelly, a woman who lost her son to fentanyl poisoning, Nancy, whose daughter died suddenly from an unknown cause, and Shirley, Kimberly and Patti, each of whom had faced the traumatic loss of their sons in separate car accidents. Their common thread of pain - the loss of an adult child. They sat in a circle sharing their stories, their darkest moments, and their deepest thoughts, all while encouraging and supporting one another.

As the weeks turned into months, the bond between the group members deepened. They celebrated each other’s victories and offered a shoulder to cry on during setbacks. They exchanged phone numbers and formed a group text to stay connected throughout the week. It wasn’t just about the weekly meetings anymore. It was genuine friendships forged in the crucible of their shared struggles.

A group of strangers had become a family. They had transformed from individuals struggling to smile, to get out of bed, to not cry every day; to simply live. They became a source of support and inspiration for one another. Their extraordinary journey was a testament to the power of human connection, empathy, and the belief that together, they would survive.

The support group members credit their new coping skills, their growing compassion, and their ability to move forward in their painful journey to the no-judgment culture experienced at Cornerstone of Hope. Cornerstone, and the people they met there, helped them walk through the darkness into hope.

Above is one of the endless stories of clients who have found hope among the strong friendships and bonds developed among support groups. Grief can be devastating for those we serve. We sincerely ask that you consider a gift to help Cornerstone of Hope continue to create a world where no grieving person journeys alone.

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Becoming a monthly donor helps carry out our mission all year round.

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Long-Term Impact
As a monthly donor, you make a lasting impact to our clients lives.

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Your support provides an immediate impact in the lives of local grieving clients this year and ensures that grief care is accessible for all. We appreciate your support!

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